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945 E. Paces Ferry Road, Suite 2270 Atlanta, GA 30326
Ph: 404.844.4130
Fax: 404.844.4135

Request For Consultation

We begin each individual client relationship with an in-person consultation so that we can better understand the facts and potential claims, as well as your needs and goals. We do not dispense advice electronically or via telephone. Before any consultation is set, we require every individual interested in our services to fill out the Request for Consultation and respond to all questions. All fields are required. If a field is inapplicable to your situation, put “NA.” We cannot consider your request if you fail to fully identify yourself or the relevant employer, as we must do a conflicts check.

We do not provide free consultations.

This form and all information submitted to us is kept strictly confidential. Even if we identify a conflict and cannot represent you, we will not disclose the existence of your potential claims to anyone. Submitting this Request For Consultation form does not mean you have retained us as your attorneys, nor that we have an attorney/client relationship.

Within one business day of receiving your completed Request For Consultation, we will reply to you and let you know if we are in a position to offer you a consultation, the cost of the consultation and establish some available times to meet. The cost of the consultation depends on a number of factors, including the type of claim at issue, your employment status and the stage you are at. We cannot provide the cost of a consultation until you submit the Request For Consultation Form.

We do not represent federal employees. If you are a federal employee, please visit www.nelaga.org for a listing of employment attorneys in Georgia along with their specific areas of Practice. Also, we limit the number of cases we handle on behalf of public employees, including state, county or school district employees. 

If you are an EMPLOYER seeking advice, please call Jay Rollins at 404-844-4132.

Any other questions, please contact our Paralegal, Vicki Perry at 404-844-4130.

If you do not see the form below, please CLICK HERE

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