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The number of skilled mediators who are knowledgeable about employment law is very limited.  Employment law is nothing like personal injury law. Cases arise under dozens of statutes, each with different prerequisites, standards of liability, available damages, and more.  A mediator unfamiliar with employment law cannot be as effective as one who has 30 years litigating such cases. Few mediators in Georgia have actually handled more than 1 or 2 employment law cases and have not represented both employers and employees. To fill that void, Jay Rollins has become  trained and certified as a mediator, and has been sought out by both plaintiff and defense counsel to assist in mediating to resolve outstanding matters.

Jay’s experience representing both sides of employment disputes over the last 30 years serves him well as a mediator in employment cases. Jay’s demeanor, compassion, and excellent relationships with attorneys throughout the Labor & Employment bar in Georgia make him uniquely qualified to bring parties together and matters to a successful close.  Jay is at all times impartial, and is dedicated to helping the parties find common ground and reach mutually agreeable solutions. He possesses the necessary legal knowledge and interpersonal skills to guide the parties through the mediation process effectively. As a mediator, Jay has been able to facilitate open and constructive communication between the parties and empowered them to reach mutually beneficial settlement agreements without going to court. 

Why Choose Mediation?


Legal disputes can drain your financial, time and emotional resources rapidly. Mediation, is often a more cost-effective option. By choosing mediation, you may avoid legal fees and costs, and protracted legal battles. Our mediation services are designed to save you money while achieving a fair resolution.


Legal disputes can take years to conclude, causing immense stress and uncertainty. Mediation, on the other hand, typically leads to quicker resolutions. Jay works efficiently to help parties reach agreements promptly, reducing the emotional and financial toll of extended legal proceedings.

Preservation of Relationships

Disputes involving employment relationships, or business partners can damage these connections irreparably. Mediation fosters a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging parties to find common ground and maintain amicable relationships.


Mediation proceedings are generally confidential, ensuring that sensitive information and settlement terms remain private. In contrast, court records are public, potentially exposing confidential details and settlement terms to the world.

We Also Represent Parties in Mediation.

In an increasingly polarized world filled with conflicts and disputes, finding peaceful resolutions to our differences through mediation fosters a more just, equitable, and harmonious world and can be a welcome relief. Moreover, mediation allows parties to put the conflict behind them and move on with their lives and their business. The cost of pursuing and defending an employment case has become astronomical.  Mediation has almost become a necessity. Legal mediation services offer a valuable alternative to costly and time-consuming litigation.

The attorneys at SCHWARTZ ROLLINS encourage mediation to almost all clients – both employer and employee, and each has handled hundreds of employment mediations stemming from a wide array of claims involving almost every aspect of employment law: disability, race, age and sex discrimination, sexual harassment, contract disputes, and wage and hour (FLSA) violations. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you  or your business in a mediation to be conducted by a mediator at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a private mediator, or in federal judge, SCHWARTZ ROLLINS can represent you at mediation.

If you are in the midst of an employment dispute either as counsel or as a party, and are ready to hire a mediator, Schwartz Rollins invites you to contact Jay Rollins at 404-844-4130 or submit the form below. A few minutes talking with Jay will make you understand why he is such a perfect mediator.