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Request For Consultation

Welcome to SCHWARTZ ROLLINS.  We are glad you have come to us to get legal advice. First, you need to know that we do not represent anyone who works for the federal government, and currently we are not taking any cases against a public employer – meaning a state, county or municipal agency or department.  It you fall into one of these categories, we recommend that you go to the web site for a list of attorneys who represent individuals in Georgia in employment matters.
Also, please note that we will not give out any legal advice over the phone before you fill out this consultation request.
We begin each individual client inquiry with the completion of this Request for Consultation form by you so that we can do a documented conflicts check, and better understand the facts and alleged claims, as well as your needs and goals. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours of you submitting this form with all the relevant information completed (all fields are required – If a field is inapplicable to your situation, put “not applicable” or “NA”) and let you know if we are able to set up an initial telephone or video consultation and how much it will cost.   
We do not provide free consultations.  The reason we do not is that our approach to initial consultations is different from other lawyers.  It  prioritizes the prospective client’s interests by reviewing relevant documents in advance and providing in the initial client meeting valuable insights into the law, potential remedies, possible outcomes, associated risks, and cost considerations related to the legal matter.  Our goal is to provide informative guidance and value to you, rather than a sales pitch about why you should hire us. We will answer your legal questions and give you actual legal advice as to how to best deal with your situation. We will give you an honest assessment of your situation and your position, whether it be related to a contract, severance, or a potential legal action.
By offering a paid consultation we are offering you our undivided attention, so that you receive the best possible service for your money. With many years of experience and education, our attorneys are dedicated to weighing the circumstances of your situation with your legal options and resources to tailor a personalized legal strategy for you. This is the only responsible way to give legal advice and provide the level of professionalism you deserve.
This form and all information submitted to us is kept strictly confidential. Even if we identify a conflict and cannot represent you, we will not disclose the existence of your potential claims to anyone. Submitting this Request for Consultation form does not mean you have retained us as your attorneys, nor that we have an attorney/client relationship.
If you are an Employee seeking a consultation with one of our attorneys, please submit the below questionnaire.