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Contracts. Severance. Non-Compete Agreements.

It’s no secret that non-compete agreements are the norm in today’s marketplace. Businesses across a number of industries require employees to sign these agreements, which typically favor the company. What employees may not realize is that there is no need to be shackled by the terms of these agreements as individuals often have more power than originally thought to negotiate a non-compete. At SCHWARTZ ROLLINS, we help employees at all levels negotiate non-compete clauses, employment contracts, executive compensation agreements and severance packages.

Our role does not end there. When employment concludes due to termination, layoff or forced resignation, an individual may be offered a separation package, which includes the employer’s promise to pay the employee some amount of money in exchange for signing away rights against the business. This includes the right to sue the company for discrimination or any other violation of employment laws.

In addition, many employers now require an employee seeking severance pay to sign a non-compete agreement. With termination of employment often causing significant stress, individuals might feel frightened, pressured by employer deadlines and unsure of their rights.

The SCHWARTZ ROLLINS team is here to assist you in determining whether the company’s offer is worth waiving your rights and forfeiting protection of your interests. With extensive EXPERIENCE addressing the severance offerings of many of the largest companies in Georgia and around the country, our attorneys understand the impact these agreements have on your ability to work in a chosen field today and in the future.