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We Represent Employees

At SCHWARTZ ROLLINS, the cornerstone of our Firm has always been our representation of individual employees in almost every area of employment law across all industries. Whether a current or former employee at a company or agency, our attorneys help workers at all levels, including executives of Fortune 500 companies and workers earning minimum wage at entry-level jobs. No matter how complex the legal situation, our attorneys are prepared to help clients address multi-faceted issues, including discrimination or retaliation, outstanding wages, contracts, and severance packages requiring review or negotiation.

Helping employees navigate unlawful or discriminatory employment practices requires legal counsel that understands the devastating emotional and financial toll faced by individuals, many of whom feel powerless. Recognizing the high stakes of employment disputes, our attorneys are passionate and relentless about protecting the rights of employees, taking action against employers and ensuring justice in the workplace.

Besides litigating, our lawyers negotiate executive compensation agreements, non-compete clauses and severance packages. With employees often having more power to negotiate than might be apparent, our attorneys will work to ensure that the best possible deal is secured from your employer.

Whether you are looking for consultation and advice, assistance filing an administrative charge, ensuring your employer is paying overtime properly, mediation representation, assistance with a contract or litigating in state or federal court, our team is poised to help.