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Schwartz Rollins is pleased to announce that Debra Schwartz is now certified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as a Workplace Investigations Specialist.

Let Debra assist you with your Company’s next workplace investigation. Her expertise in representing employees allows her to put your employees at ease. At the same time, her years of experience in assessing situations and their legal ramifications for both businesses and individuals make Debra uniquely qualified to investigate internal complaints, and reach impartial conclusions and recommendations.

Some situations demand investment in outside counsel:

  • where the claims are against Human Resources;
  • when the investigation involves allegations against high-level executives;
  • when the allegations involve a recurring or systemic problem; or
  • where the results of the investigation may be needed to support a defense should
    the matter escalate to litigation.

The most significant reason for using outside counsel is credibility. An investigation must be perceived as fair and impartial, especially if the allegations of wrongdoing are not substantiated.

To initiate the investigation process, simply go to our website’s Investigations page, and complete and submit a form.

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